This statement was originally published by Human Rights Network for Journalists – Uganda on 9 March 2017.

It was 12 January 2015 when WBS Television journalist Andrew Lwanga – who was covering a peaceful procession by a group of unemployed youth along Namirembe Road in Kampala – met his unfortunate fate. Lwanga was brutally assaulted by a senior police officer – the then District Police Commander (DPC) of Old Kampala, Joram Mwesigye. Lwanga was rushed to hospital in a critical and life-threatening condition.

On 13 of January 2015 a group of journalists – led by their body, the Human Rights Network for Journalists-Uganda (HRNJ-Uganda) – held a peaceful demonstration from the city center to the police headquarters in Naguru. The police then took action by arresting Mwesigye and charging him with assault and malicious damage to property at Buganda Road Court. He was released on bail on the same day.

Trial has raged on since 2015 to now. On 10 March 2017, the court is set to deliver its final judgement on the matter. This case has been a center of attention and generated the interest of many journalists – both local and international – the media fraternity, civil society, non-governmental organisations, the international and donor community, politicians, government and the general public, among others.

Lwanga will be in court on Friday 10th March, 2016 with full hope of getting justice after over two years of religiously going against all odds to be at court.

Let’s stand in solidarity with Andrew Lwanga and the media at large in seeking justice and pushing for a more secure working environment, as we attend court to witness delivery of the much-awaited judgement.