UK online FOI petition launched

At the UK Society of Editors Conference in London, an online petition was launched to urge the Government not to detract from the Freedom of Information Act which established the broad principle that public bodies must release information if the public interest in doing so outweighs the public interest in it remaining secret. The SoE encouraged anyone with an interest in FOI to sign the petition FOI Online PetitionRead more

The British Society of Editors puts freedom of information at top of agenda

Society of Editors The new President of the Society of Editors has put freedom of information at the top of his agenda for the year ahead. Nick Turner, who is poised to take over at the Society’s helm, said the fight to protect the Freedom of Information Act from government reform would be “one of the biggest issues of the year”. It followed the launch of the Society’s ‘Hands Off FOI’ campaign in conjunction with Press Gazette and HoldtheFrontPage yesterday. Mr Turner, digital strategy manager at the CN Group and founder of the…Read more

BBC: Lord Black Calls for ‘Genuine Partnership’ With Commercial Sector

News Media Association Lord Black of Brentwood,  chairman of the News Media Association’s legal, policy and regulatory affairs committee, has called for “tighter controls” on the BBC’s online news services to prevent it from crowding out commercial rivals through an unsustainable competitive advantage. Speaking in a House of Lords debate on the BBC yesterday (Thursday) Lord Black, executive director of Telegraph Media Group, called for the BBC to enter into a “genuine partnership role” with the commercial sector. Lord Black said: "Our reverence for the BBC’s role as a content provider - about…Read more

UK Labour manifesto pledge to change media ownership rules and implement Leveson recommendations

UK Press Gazette The UK Labour Party has today pledged “implementation of the recommendations of the Leveson Inquiry” in its 2015 election manifesto. (Labour leader Ed Miliband pictured, Reuters) The party has also promised to “take steps to protect the principle of media plurality, so that no media outlet can get too big”. The Conservative Party’s manifesto has not yet been released, but last month George Osborne said the government would launch a consultation on whether to introduce tax breaks for the English local newspaper industry in his Budget speech. The Liberal Democrat…Read more
UK Public wants tougher, independent press regulation

UK Public wants tougher, independent press regulation

 14/02/2012 By: MediaLawyer There is public "consensus" that the Press needs a tougher regulatory system independent of politicians, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said. Newspapers must face "credible punishment" for stepping out of line and the Government would look "very, very carefully" at the recommendations of the Leveson Inquiry into Press standards, he added. Speaking to Andrew Marr on the BBC, he said any new regulatory body "must have the confidence of the public". But he said the "elephant in the room" was technological advances which newspapers were struggling to adapt to, with increasing…Read more
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