Media Foundation for West Africa

Some 155 journalists from over 40 media organisations across Ghana have joined the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) to petition President John Dramani Mahama to demand sanctions against his staffer, Mr. Stan Dodge.

The petition follows Mr. Dogbe’s assault of Mr. Yahayah Kwamoah, a journalist with state-owned Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) nearly two months ago. In an incident that many have described as shameful and embarrassing, the presidential staffer seized and destroyed the journalist’s recording equipment at the 37 Military Hospital.

The GBC journalist had gone to the hospital to follow-up on development around the presidential press corps who had been involved in a serious accident that left one journalist dead and others serious injured.

“It is important to point out that the aggression by your staffer happened at a sad moment for journalists when colleagues covering your office had been involved in a serious accident that resulted in the death of one colleague with others sustaining serious injuries,” the petitioners said.

The petition notes: “We are concerned that over a month after the incident, and despite the several pleas from many people and organisations, your office has not acted on the matter.”

“It is our considered view that the conduct of a staff of your highly esteemed office has a direct bearing on the reputation of the office. We, therefore, call on you to show personal commitment to the rights of journalists and your intolerance of acts that may bring your highly esteemed office into disrepute,” the petition demands.